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Welcome to Merodz, where disability transforms into ability. Our mission is to provide affordable prosthetic arms that empower users with innovative solutions. We firmly believe in equalizing the quality of life, regardless of financial limitations. Merodz utilizes AI technology to create prosthetic arms that are effortless , eliminating cognitive burdens for users.

Our 3D-printed, lightweight designs reduce costs while providing waterproof functionality. Engage in everyday activities, from cooking to outdoor pursuits, regardless of the weather, with Merodz prosthetics.

At Merodz, we are revolutionizing bionics, helping individuals to embrace their full potential. Join us on this extraordinary journey.


We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our prosthetics are designed to be affordable, and we aim to provide prosthetics to those who need them most. We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using 3D printing technology and recycled materials.

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Meet the Team

Staff Member 1 Samuel Howell
Staff Member 2 Dinar Jadhav
Staff Member 3 Judi Simonsen


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